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The purpose of this study is to design an appropriate model for human resources excellence in the Ministry of Education with a behavioral-ethical approach. This research is based on the goal of a fundamental research. Based on the research design and the method of data collection, the present study is a descriptive (non-experimental), exploratory and exploratory research. In order to validate the proposed model, Delphi technique was used by several faculty members, thinkers, talents and experts. The research was carried out in four stages and Finally, the Brilliant Temple of Human Resource Excellence was designed in five main processes, 22 components and 10 comprehensive criteria and presented as a model for human-behavioral ethics pathology and Human Resources Excellence Award at the Ministry of Education.
Mohsen Emamifar - naser mirsepasi - seyed jamaledin tabibi
Keywords : Pattern, Brilliant, Human Resources Excellence, Ministry of Education, Ethical Behavior
Social justice is rooted in spatial and environmental justice. And the lack of access of parts of the city to public spaces will deprive residents In today's societies, due to the complexity of crimes and the variety of crimes, the errors of courts in many stages are high and can not be ruled out, and the eyebrows and dignity of citizens are questioned in this matter, and there is a need for law to overcome this dignity. Restoration of dignity is the reinstatement of the dignity that has been influenced by various factors of the deprived or subverted individuals, which may sometimes be applied to an innocent person who has been found guilty of a crime or has been harmed by his dignity. In this case, it will compensate for all its spiritual damages by restoring the dignity, because without doubt in the societies governed by the law the respect and dignity of the individuals who are among their spiritual assets is considered and respected by the legislator, as far as this is the case The attention of the texts of the constitution to most countries has been clarified and supported by the legislature. Therefore, the desecration of people's honor and dignity in any form is unlikely to be punishable as the case may be, and it may sometimes be possible to restore the dignity of the offender, in which he or she would return some or all of the sentenced to justice. In the religion of Islam, several verses such as Sura Toubah, Surah Yusuf, Surah al-Nuru… in various narratives, including the traditions of Mohammad Baqir about the necessity of compensation for the right of Allah and Imam Ali regarding the reverence of the personality of humans and the positive attitude of the offenders and ... The rules of wisdom and the restoration of dignity have been considered. In the present article, the definitions of restorative dignity and its types will be discussed first, then the defects of the Islamic Penal Code, adopted in 1392, will be considered. However, the jurisprudential justification for the complete restoration of the non-existence of dignity in the context of the law is one of the goals of this article.
mohammad hasan javadi - seyed mahdi ghireyshi - Behzad Balazadeh
Keywords : Restoration of dignity, Criminal conviction, Deprivation of social rights, Repent, Morality
What and how the city and Islamic housing in Islamic teachings require extensive reflection and correct inference in the sources of these teachings. Since Islamic teachings have beneficial effects on biological spaces, including housing, it is important to study and research in this regard. Although the principles of Islam are fixed and irreversible truths that have been laid down for all time, but the farewell is high and ijtihad is necessary. That is, at any time and time, it is necessary for specialist experts to adapt the principles of Islam to the changing issues that occur in time, and to determine what these issues are based on. It is evident that the principles laid down for the housing laid down from this The rule is not an exception and should be recognized and adapted to the rules and conditions of the time. The Islamic teachings presented in the Holy Qur'an and the Word of the Imams (PBUH) provide conceptual and practical strategies in the form of metaphysical and metaphysical principles, which can be utilized on the condition of observing certain principles and inferences. This research seeks to explain the methodology of extracting and correctly deducing Islamic teachings for designing housing design strategies. The research method of this research is a hybrid method (consisting of qualitative content analysis and rational reasoning) which, using this method and based on the narrative teachings of the school of Islam, hints for the inference of the Islamic teachings for their application in architectural design Housing is said to be a step forward in the pursuit of genuine Islamic architecture. The results of the research show that the main factors shaping the "Islamic Housing" are categorized into three main groups that their coherent and rational content will lead to the emergence of "Islamic Housing". The first factor is the "faith of the city" or the principles of their faith, from which we refer to the "intellectual space". The second factor is the "practical and moral principles" of Islam, from which we interpret the notion of behavior and the third factor in the housing structure, from which we refer to "objective space". This body is created by humans (the intellectual space) and with Islamic behavior (Islamic action and ethics), which explains the relationship between man and the outside world (including society, artistic environment and nature), which leads to the creation of space and environment. Which, while emanating from Islamic principles, refer to these principles and help human beings in the Muslim world.
hamed hayati - ahmad amin pour - ramin madani
Keywords : Inference, Islamic Architecture, Islamic teachings, Housing
Throughout history, women had not had a high rank and would often face cruelty. However, by daily increasing awareness of man and rapid social and human advances, the question aroused as to what is the real rank of women in society and family. In the present era, recognizing woman’s character is important from the standpoint of Islam. In Islamic community and as a consequence of the subtle school of Islam, woman educates and raises religious and hard- working people in addition to recovering her subtle statue in family. In this regard, the present research aims at investigating the role of Islamic culture in developing family and woman’s character. The present research is of the practical ones. The method of the present study is surveying. Throughout history, women have proven their value with deserve. Although the life teachings of Islam has had much influence in the way of making the personality of women alive, many facts have been concealed behind ignorance and superstition and women’s society has not yet been able to benefit Islamic culture as it should. The findings of the present research displayed that the Islamic culture has affected the progress and advance of woman’ character and family to a great extent.
Shahrbanoo chatri
Keywords : Islamic Culture, Woman’s Character, Family
jurisprudential views showing the structure of justice include the apparent behavioral goodness,pertinacious queen in human soul,shunning the forbidden deeds, lack of debauchery in behavior, and loyalty to the basis of religion which face with jurisprudential uses and challenges and the analysis of each of them returns to the three basic elements of goodness in appearance, how to act or the influence of the queen of justice. The mentioned concepts and the absolute induction in imams jurisprudenc texts bring new meanings of the justice related to the ‘certain quantity’to the mind which will respond to the internal and external challenges of the quotations of the jurists . The analysis and answerTo each of them have been presented and described in this paper in detail.
mm aa - aa aa - Kazem Rahmansetayesh
Keywords : Justice-jurisprudential justice-Goodness of behavior-pertinacious queen-Debauchery

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