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Man at all stages of life, from childhood to adolescence and puberty, and even in the ages of the ages, constantly affects the thoughts and behavior of others. It affects the environment and affects the environment. What makes human culture a set of these influences. That change of behavior is the result of deliberate and accountable efforts in the form of an official or traditional educational system, or as a form of influence of the environment, to shape the characteristics of the individual and society. However, the transformation of society from the influence of traditional factors and the deliberate efforts of the formal educational system Are caused. The initial pattern of this educational system in Iran's history before Islam and Iran after Islam was at least contemporary in a term called student, in order to exploit the human capital of the country along its political and self-governing political thinking and in the times of need. This research seeks to ascertain how to change the student's word and transform it into a student ...... The other words and all the peripheral causes and factors of this subject will be discussed in the course of our study even until the present period until the final conclusion of the paper. It seems that the role of governments, especially the influence of the community's scholars and educators in the body of unaffected governance in alternatives Yo is not a student's term in Iran's traditional and traditional education system, and it is also likely to be in line with the education and training policies of overseas societies in changing the word of the student. This research is a historical method and method of collecting materials in a library And documentary and comparative.
Ardeshir Asadbighi - Mahyar Shariat Panahi - Mohammad Reza Kazemi
Keywords : Students, educational, ethics, system, development
Cinema freedom is a concept that is rooted in freedom of expression, and in fact the cinema, as the seventh art, seeks to achieve this through its own audio-visual style. Freedom of cinema and its legal and moral challenges have always been one of the challenges of the states, and thus, governments have taken measures such as cultural regulation and a priori supervision to do their most important tasks as well as the pot production measures. Hence, the current paper aims at examining the legal and moral challenges posed by the freedom of cinema. Having expanded the concept, it will examine the subject of research, public order and cinema freedom. This is a descriptive-analytical paper based on thematic documents. Data was collected using library sources. Data was analyzed using legal documents analysis method. The results suggest that: Freedom of cinema raises many legal and moral challenges that governments can, with their own regulations, partly reduce the legal and moral challenges of cinema freedom.
- Bijan Abbasi - Ali Akbar Gorgi
Keywords : Cinema, Cinema Freedom, Public Order
The main purpose of this study is to investigate the legal vacuum of Iran's international obligations in the fight against terrorism. This research is a descriptive-analytic-descriptive study, with the compilation of materials from library and internet sources. Despite the wide-ranging nature and features of the phenomenon of terrorism, it has only become a controversial international, regional, and domestic debate for decades. Despite the fact that today all countries condemn the sound of terrorism, unfortunately, the topic of terrorism is more political than legal. Therefore, the phenomenon of terrorism has become one of the most important security concerns of nations and governments around the world. The prevalence of the phenomenon of terrorism is not limited to a particular region or states, but from a small, less developed country to the world's largest powers, somehow face this security problem.
Alireza Ansari - Behzad Razavi Fard
Keywords : Terrorism, international obligations, Iranian law
Today, the proper and effective use of multimedia learning environments requires the design, compilation, and integration of the components of the field of science education. One of the main components that has been overlooked in these softwares is the critical thinking component. The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the curriculum of the sixth elementary school curriculum based on the constructivist approach (Van Morinbour's multimedia model) and its impact on critical thinking skills in two interpretive and inferential areas. This research was carried out in two phases. In the first phase, the curriculum was designed and prepared with the emphasis on interpretive and inferential skills based on the Van Mearburn multimedia model. In the second stage, the effect of the application of the educational package prepared on the basis of interpretive and inferential skills was assessed by semi-experimental and based on pre-test and post-test design. The results showed that the teaching of thinking and research based on the educational package prepared on experimental and experimental inferential skills had a significant effect (P <0.05). According to the results of the research, the application of the curriculum of thinking and research with constructivist approach increases the skills of critical thinking in two areas of interpretive skill and inferential skills of learners
iraj hidari - mohammad sifie - hosain moradimokles
Keywords : Educational package, multimedia learning environments, constructivist approach, critical thinking
Human rights and citizenship rights are derived from the inherent and natural rights of mankind, and they have received special attention throughout history. Although after more than half a century of United Nations life, in the era that we call the age of technology and communication, there are still many people from civil wars and ethnic strife, poverty and hunger, drought, lack of health, or even the most basic of living conditions. They lose their lives. The Doctrine of Responsibility for the Protection of Human Trafficking is a result of the widespread and systematic violations of fundamental human rights in the 1990s, as well as measures that provide a threat to peace reflected in the resolutions of the Security Council, in light of the Security Council's inherent duty of international peace and security, In fact, at the current stage, the response of the international community to the humanitarian disaster is reactive and passive. Still, there is a vacuum in the existence of a specific mechanism that can map the policy of a reasonable and yet reasonably effective and effective response to human crises. The "responsibility for protection" is, in fact, to provide a new, yet precisely-designed, strategy for the appropriate substitute for the "humanitarian intervention" challenge; the "responsibility for protection", however, is a completely different concept of humanitarian intervention. The set of actions to be taken under this doctrine includes three dimensions of responsibility for prevention, responsibility for responses and reconstruction responsibilities. This strictly humanitarian strategy is considered to protect and protect human rights and citizenship more and more. This strategy is a useful and effective solution for governments in crisis or crisis situations based on citizenship rights.
Doagu Hossein - Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi
Keywords : UN, human society, human tragedy, responsibility for protection, humanitarian intervention, citizenship rights

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