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Judicial authority is the most effective power that ensures the security and comfort of the people by enforcing the law and trust-building among people. In any stage, judicial authority has given the glory to a government and peace and security to its community and nation and One of the most important and influential areas in strengthening judicial authority, which has remained somewhat Neglected in a community, is the moral standards of the nation, because the human qualities and cultivation and self-perfection of the soul are shaped in the light of morality, With some thoughtfulness, we find that law and ethics are inextricably linked, therefore, Kant, a prominent moral scientist after the Renaissance in Europe, tells people in his moral command:"Behave in a manner that your character is as the basis for global legislation." On the ethics, one of the main slogans of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was:"I have been designated as a prophet to perfect the moral standards." If ethical virtues were strengthened in the society people, what we will witness in our society, include of courage, trust, ruth, kindness, good posture, patience, devotion, honesty in the deal, and so on.These and other good ethical traits play an important role in judicial authority, because one of the causes of crime, which ultimately ties to judicial authority, is ethical vices such as bullying, lying, betrayal, greed and oppression
ali etemadi - bagher shamlo - aman olah alimoradi - seyed mehdi ahmadi-e - mosavi
Keywords : Authority, ethics, moral standards, immorals, Spirituality, self-sufficiency and self-delay
The quality of human life during this time of his life in this world and in the end is always influenced by your deeds and deeds and speeches. Karma means to act and the result of act that is influenced by human wants and instincts is seen in later life. By understanding Karma, one can justify the present situation and prevent future births in the future. In order to get a good karma, you have to follow Dharma and gaining knowledge leads to the destruction of the karma. With the exception of Cārvāka, all Hindu systems agree more or less with Karma's theory. Everything is under the control of the Karmic law but this law is independent of divine will in sāṃkhya and Mīmāṃsā, and in the Buddhist and Jain religions, the gods are also influenced by the law of karma
- Abolfazl Mahmoodi
Keywords : Karma, Act, Knowledge, Rebirth, Saṃsāra
One of the criminological aims of the criminal is to target social reform and train the offender, in addition to reducing the effects of crime. Experience has also shown that it is more than just the size and weight of the upper body that has the unpleasant consequences of unnecessary, unnecessary, unnecessary consequences. Therefore, the criminal justice system, by adopting an auspicious penal policy in light crimes, in addition to reducing the density of criminal cases, increasing the time of judges to handle more precise cases, reducing the number of criminal cases, reducing the burden on the government. And refusing to be labeled in the first place has been ethical and educational orientation and social reform. In this descriptive-analytic article, we discuss what constitutes impunity in Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law and its relation to ethics and personal education and social reform
- mahmood malmir -
Keywords : Social Reform, Moral Education, Criminal Justice, Exemption from punishment, Criminal discount
Semi-liberal system is derived from individualizing crime principle that advocates reducing prison’s criminal population by giving criminals part-time liberty along with constant supervision. Besides emphasizing on making criminal justice to be a contractual based on mutual agreement, this method maintains consistency of felons’ family and also it has plan for amending criminal gradually. Considering the popularity of law-oriented culture and providing modern theories, prison has been introduced as a punishment. Accordingly, various legal systems adopted some affairs in order to reduce negative and destroying effect of prison and apply it only for punishing the criminal without hurting his family. In this paper, it was considered, regarding respond to the crime, what semi-liberal application is and what place this system has in criminal policy. Semi-liberal system is an institution that can be considered according to task-oriented and benefit-oriented perspective by focusing on crime justification. In other word, criminal policy of modern systems used this system for punishing and amending criminals with the least distance from the community and highest benefit for the society. Iran’s criminal law system assigned a specific part of Islamic criminal law acted in 2013 to this new criminal institution. In this study, authors attempted to explain semi-liberal system and evaluated its different features in Iran criminal policy
nafise jalali - iraj goldozian - hosein gholami doon
Keywords : imprisonment Semi-liberal punishment criminal policy contractual justice
In the recent years, while scientific production and the number of high educational institutes have been increased in Iran, the spreading of immoral behaviors in conducting research has been threatening all of the research-driven institutions, in particular, department for curriculum studies and educational innovations, as a part of the research institute for education. This study was conducted in order to formulate ethics in research of department for curriculum studies and educational innovations. This essay was done through a Qualitative approach by focused group discussions and face to face interviews. The collected date from focused group discussions sessions was analyzed by thematic content analysis method. The analysis led to two core categories including the researcher’s ethical personality and ethical principles of research. The former consists of humility, patience, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration. The latter has nine subcategories including the benefits of research, academic integrity, observing the colleague rights, observing the rights of participants, avoid of plagiarism, publication of obtained data, writing the report in a simple way, critic’s acceptance and scientific criticism. In conclusion, the obtained date by this research is able to play a role in making moral decisions regarding research and creating a confident and respectful atmosphere among the institution users. Furthermore, it has the capability to be used as a base for further discussions and also developing the culture of ethical personality s
Seyed Ali Khaleghinezhad - - - Ahad Navidi - Fereshteh Zeynivand Nezhad - - Heidar Toorani -
Keywords : Ethics, Research, Education, Ethical Guideline, Focused group discussion

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