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Since the best criterion is to use the element of "expediency" in realizing high education for children in the face of new incidents, this study, using the features of expediency in jurisprudence and expressing the standards and guidelines of Islamic ethics, has a fundamental interest in education For children. The ethical and educational pattern with emphasis on the spirituality of children is described. Using the analytical and descriptive method and taking into account the dimensions of the lives of children and respecting the particularities of dealing with them, the weakness of the concept of pedagogical education as a means of inference and implementation is comprehensively reviewed and well-educated, which should be with moral values And the norms of Islamic law. How to implement ethical and ethical principles in pediatric education is a fundamental function of the growth and dignity of the child, and the diagnosis and parenting of the child has been delegated to parents and parents. The way of expressing the interests of the educational affairs and the powers of the parents and wives has many shortcomings and should be targeted by the main axis of the educational material, targeting the scope of parents and the wise in order to achieve good ethics in dealing with educational affairs and providing the best interests of the children.
Ali Isfahanian Semnani - seyyed mohammad mosavi bojnordi - seyyed mohammad hoseini
Keywords : xpediency, ethics, education, interests, support
In a turbulent world today, all countries are thinking of exporting their goods outside the domestic markets. Due to the rapid change in the business environment at the international level, it is important to examine factors affecting the export performance of enterprises. The present study has two parts. The first part involves a quantitative analysis using a quasi-gravity model. In the second part, based on the structural equation technique, the effect of individual and environmental factors on the export performance of the business enterprises has been investigated. Considering the fact that the number of exporting companies to Russia is limited in Qazvin and Tehran provinces, the sampling method (available) has been used and 39 questionnaires have been distributed among the main exporters. The research findings indicate that trade between Iran and Russia follows the Hakeshir-Oholian Relative Advantage Act, and the trade between the two countries for Iran is between industrial and non-industrial ones. In the qualitative analysis, the present study also concluded that factors such as the trust of Iranian exporters in the Russian importer's private sector and the existence of a reliable bank for currency transfers, as well as attention to other Russian regions (except Moscow) among other personal factors And the environment with the first to third ranks of the export performance of Iranian business firms.
Beitollah Akbari Moghadam - Alireza Keshavarz Ghasemi
Keywords : Moral components, Pseudo-Gravity Model, Relative Advantage of Heckscher-Oehlin, Export Performance, Industrial, Inland Industrial
The Islamic Consultative Assembly in its most important task, that is, legislation in accordance with Article 71 of the Constitution, has general jurisdiction and can legislate in general matters. Nonetheless, the parliament has a constraint on this role, which is set out in various constitutional principles. Article 72, for example, states: "The Islamic Consultative Assembly can not legislate to comply with the principles and rules of the official religion of the country or the constitution ..."All laws must be approved by the Guardian Council. Without a Guardian Council, the Islamic Consultative Assembly has no statutory authority, except in the case of approval of the credentials of the representatives, and the election of six lawyers of members of the Guardian Council. In cases where the Assembly of the Islamic Consultative Assembly considers the Council of Guardians to be in violation of the Shari'a or the Constitution, and the Assembly shall not provide the Guardian Council with due consideration to the expediency of the system. The Expediency Council adopts the necessary decisions. In US law, the three executive powers, the judiciary and the legislature are completely independent of each other. The president will not vote for confidence from Congress, but for his ministers, he needs two-thirds of the senators to vote.
Mohammad Saeed Ansari - - Nader Mardani
Keywords : Legislature, parliament, government, constitution, guardian council, decrees, US, president
As national laws and regulations have been established for the purpose of resolving and resolving disputes between the corporate entities, governments have been created. In international relations, there has also been an imperfect, even incomplete, regulation of disputes between individuals and individuals, including a country and an international organization and a company that has been subject to these disputes. International trade was adopted as the latest and most important legislative change in Iran in the field of arbitration, mainly aimed at promoting arbitration and harmony with the international legal system. Foreign investment is one of the areas that has been heavily influenced by international arbitration, and the first step in this direction is to create a proper legal system for balancing and balancing through the application of financial mechanisms and the establishment of appropriate rules and regulations, Provide guarantees to investors. Therefore, in this research, the frameworks and ways of resolving disputes between foreign investors and governments are discussed at the time of the occurrence of the dispute.
Habibullah Brahui Moghadam - Mohammad Abouata - Hamid Masjed Serai
Keywords : Neglect, Investment, Investment, Investment, Bilateral Investment Treaties
Trade secrets are among the most valuable branches of intellectual property, which, like material possessions, need to be protected from any aggression or abuse of individuals. Therefore, the preservation and protection of trade secrets has led most developed and developing countries to formulate special legal rules for the criminal protection of this valuable asset. In this article, following the disclosure of intellectual property, trade secrets and its taxes, and some concepts related to this issue, and finally the evaluation of the criminal protection of trade secrets from the perspective of Imamiyya jurisprudence, the rights of Iran and the United States have been investigated. The results indicate that the opposition of the jurisprudents to the principle of intellectual property protection lacked legal reasoning and did not explicitly mention the criminal law, and that Iran's right to full protection of trade secrets was ineffective and weak, but American law and practice in this country have a favorable criminal law protection for any kind of infringement of trade of the development of this article.secrets.
ali bigzadeh - Jafar Kousha - seyed bagher mirabbasi
Keywords : Intellectual property, Trade secrets, infringement, Criminal Sanction

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